Sustainable Land Management

Promoting Conservation, Agriculture, and Education at the Ecological Land

We prioritise the management of Ecological Land for the benefit of the public. This is achieved through a range of land management practices and initiatives aimed at preserving and protecting the local flora and fauna. Specifically, we manage sites of Importance for Nature Conservation, ensuring the maintenance of these important habitats.

To encourage sustainable agriculture practices, we support organic farming and permaculture techniques. This not only helps to produce healthy food for the community but also promotes environmentally-friendly farming methods.

We also offer a variety of educational events, including workshops and guided walks, to enable the public to engage with the natural world, biodiversity, and conservation, as well as sustainable living. Our ultimate goal is to foster environmental stewardship in the community.

We actively encourage community involvement through volunteering and other opportunities to help maintain the environment. Our mission is to provide a space where the public can connect with nature, learn about sustainable practices, and promote responsible environmental practices.